Merry Meet


Want To Experience A Magical, Medieval Fantasy, Intimate Quest Journey?

Read and let me take you where you've never been before...


The path to wisdom winds upon an ever changing journey of personal experience and understanding.  I am known as a time traveller and as an Oracle, have always been able to wander, at will, to places darker than the depths of the night and to sky cities higher than the eye can see.  To travel upwards and outwards, we must first venture down and inside ourselves.

Journeying - Accessing Avalon Within, The Quest Of The Spirit, The Sexual Descent, The Remembering & Knowing Of Your Divine Sexual Self, The Ascension Of Your Sexual Spirit, The Meeting Of Your Sexual Spirit Guide, Hallowquests & More.

My Morgana Pendragon, Dark Morgana, guided quest journeying sessions are some of the most powerful personal development sessions that you will find anywhere.  As one who walks between the realms, I will guide you on an intimate quest journey that will bring you a greater sense of being, feeling and knowing than you will find with most other guides. 

I will stand with you at your side as I take you beyond the veil to the land of Avalon where, depending upon your chosen quest journey, you will experience a deep, moving and powerful awakening.  Your Morgana Pendragon quest journeys will be unique to you and as your guide, I will work with you to take you as far as your spirit allows. 

I can take you on many journeys, to Avalon, to the core of the Earth or to the stars.  I can take you on journeys that I feel you need to experience, in order to 'test' your fighting spiirt to the max or on journeys that relax and calm you.

Want To Go Further?

Awaken your inner ancient sexual powers of sorcery and seduction and learn to use them to bring happiness, good health, wealth, success and much more into your life.

Access your own forgotten skills of seership and divination and know the answers to all of your questions.  Learn how to connect to the other realms and travel through the mists to Avalon where you can meet with the queens of Avalon, your spirit guides and other mystical beings.  Learn the practical art of Arthurian Enchantment and feel the magic of old England working in your life.

  • Powerful personalised awakening through guided quest journeys
  • Available 121 Via Skype Video & Call Or Phone
  • Pay-Per-Minute Or Pre-Booked
  • Over 20 Years Professional Experience
  • Many Journeys & Quests Available
  • Suitable For Beginners & Those Already On The Path

You will find your time at Avalon inspiring, healing and informative.  You may meet with many personal entities, spirits and familiars.  In time you may also meet with your ancestors and deities.  All you will be required to do is listen to the sound of my voice.  Sessions via private show at are available IMMEDIATELY when I'm live on cam, in exclusive.  Skype Sessions are always pre-booked and must be booked as 30 minutes in length.