I am Morgana, The Dark Goddess Of Sex, Sorcery and Seduction.  Sexual Psychic Empath, Oracle and Seer. Queen of Magical Handjobs, I teach the arts of Sex Magic, Goddess Worship, Seduction and Masturbation.

Think you can PASS the MORGANA CHALLENGE to become one of my Knights?  Think you've got what it takes?  Then Prove Yourself To Me!

Every month I will give one willing lucky member of my site the chance to Pleasure me Sexually OR work Sex Magic with me.

JOIN NOW  For the chance to have your abilities tested by me and see if you're able to perform and become one of my Knights.

Hurry and JOIN NOW, I'm waiting for you! Blessed Be, Morgana xxx

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FOCUS On Journeying Live Skype Cam Shows With The Dark Goddess Morgana Pendragon
2 days ago

Merry Meet


Want To Experience A Magical, Medieval Fantasy, Intimate Quest Journey?

Read and let me take you where you've never been before...


The path to wisdom winds upon an ever changing journey of personal experience and understanding.  I am known as a time traveller and as an Oracle, have always been able to wander, at will, to places darker than the depths of the night and to sky cities higher than the eye can see.  To travel upwards and outwards, we must first venture down and inside ourselves.

Journeying - Accessing Avalon Within, The Quest Of The Spirit, The Sexual Descent, The Remembering & Knowing Of Your Divine Sexual Self, The Ascension Of Your Sexual Spirit, The Meeting Of Your Sexual Spirit Guide, Hallowquests & More.

My Morgana Pendragon, Dark Morgana, guided quest journeying sessions are some of the most powerful personal development sessions that you will find anywhere.  As one who walks between the realms, I will guide you on an intimate quest journey that will bring you a greater sense of being, feeling and knowing than you will find with most other guides. 

I will stand with you at your side as I take you beyond the veil to the land of Avalon where, depending upon your chosen quest journey, you will experience a deep, moving and powerful awakening.  Your Morgana Pendragon quest journeys will be unique to you and as your guide, I will work with you to take you as far as your spirit allows. 

I can take you on many journeys, to Avalon, to the core of the Earth or to the stars.  I can take you on journeys that I feel you need to experience, in order to 'test' your fighting spiirt to the max or on journeys that relax and calm you.

Want To Go Further?

Awaken your inner ancient sexual powers of sorcery and seduction and learn to use them to bring happiness, good health, wealth, success and much more into your life.

Access your own forgotten skills of seership and divination and know the answers to all of your questions.  Learn how to connect to the other realms and travel through the mists to Avalon where you can meet with the queens of Avalon, your spirit guides and other mystical beings.  Learn the practical art of Arthurian Enchantment and feel the magic of old England working in your life.

  • Powerful personalised awakening through guided quest journeys
  • Available 121 Via Skype Video & Call Or Phone
  • Pay-Per-Minute Or Pre-Booked
  • Over 20 Years Professional Experience
  • Many Journeys & Quests Available
  • Suitable For Beginners & Those Already On The Path

You will find your time at Avalon inspiring, healing and informative.  You may meet with many personal entities, spirits and familiars.  In time you may also meet with your ancestors and deities.  All you will be required to do is listen to the sound of my voice.  Sessions via private show at CamModels.com are available IMMEDIATELY when I'm live on cam, in exclusive.  Skype Sessions are always pre-booked and must be booked as 30 minutes in length.

Magical Medieval Fantasy Cosplay Custom Clips & Audios By The Dark Goddess Morgana Pendragon
3 days ago

Merry Meet


Whatever your fetish or fantasy, experience the ULTIMATE magical Medieval Fantasy Cosplay Dark Morgana FemDom, FinDom and Goddess Worship creatiions.  I always enjoy creating, although my custom clips and audios are not limited to:


Financial Dominatrix, FinDom, Female Domination, Femdom, Mystical Dark Mesmerizing, Dark Goddess Worship, Dark Journeying & Questing, Choose-Your-Own-Dark-Adventure Storytelling, Guided Meditations, Fetish Clip Filming Live, Custom Clips Assessment, Hypno Meditation, Erotic Magic, Sexual Sorcery Spells Of Enchantment, Seduction, Erotic Tease, Leg Worship, Leg Fetish, Foot Worship, Foot Fetish, Ass Worship, Ass Fetish, Pussy Worship, Slave Training, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Emerald Green Eyes, Red Hair, Skype Shows, Muscle Worship, Skype FemDom, Skype Findom, Humiliation, CEI, CPH, CBT, Sissification, Mind Fuck, Mind Wash, Mesmerising, Mind Control, Mind Magic, Tease & Denial, Chastity Key Holding, Shopping, Love Addiction, ASMR, Screaming, Fetish Poetry, Cam2Cam & Much More...


To Find Out More & Order Your Dark Morgana Custom Clips CLICK HERE NOW...


Other Magical Creations By The Dark Goddess Morgana Pendragon.


I also offer custom art, including tattoo design, spells, incantations, rituals, poems, stories, spell kits and more.  Please email me if you're interested at: morgana@darkmorgana.com


Blessed Be


Morgana xxx

Personal, Sexual & Business Psychic Empath Readings And Coaching With Dark Morgana
3 days ago

Merry Meet


Psychic Readings With Sandra Sayer - Accurate Psychic Answers With One Of The UK's Top Genuine Psychic Empaths


Got Personal, Sexual Or Business Questions? Need Answers? Ask Me Sandra Sayer NOW By Booking Your LIVE Webcam Or Phone Genuine Psychic Empath Reading!


Love-Life/Sex-Life/Relationships/Career/Family/Money/Business/Balance/Health & Wellbeing/Communication.




A Recent Comment About My Psychic Empath Readings:


"Really amazing show I was shocked about how much she knew in her psychic reading!"


Whatever is on your mind, be it concerns about your love-life, career or finances, with my Psychic Empath Readings, I can answer your questions and give you the advice and guidance you need to stop worrying and start living, today.


My Psychic Empath Readings are perfect if you need answers to specific life questions or would like general psychic guidance and foresight.  I am a natural and genuine Psychic Empath, Oracle and Seer and am skilled in many psychic divination techniques and am therefor able to simply connect to you at will using my psychic powers and offer you the genuine psychic advice and guidance you seek.


How To Book Your Psychic Empath Reading


To get my Psychic Empathic advice or coaching, simply sign-up on the site where I stream live on cam at: http://www.MorganaCams.com, call me via VerifiedCall.com HERE or BOOK a Skype show HERE...


Skype Pre-Booked Psychic Empath Readings need to be booked in as at least 30 minutes in length but no longer as they are very tiring. During your psychic reading you may ask me to answer up to three questions or ask me to provide you with a general psychic reading.


My Tarot Cards

Although as a genuine Psychic Empath, I do not need to use tarot cards, I do love them.  I have several Tarot Card Decks, but my favourite Tarot Deck is The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. I love the feel, size and bold designs of these Tarot Cards and have found that of all of the Tarot Card Decks I have owned and used over the years, this particular deck works perfectly in alignment with my own personal energies which allows for far better Tarot Card Readings.



  • Genuine, Honest & Caring Psychic Empath Readings
  • Many Divination Tools & Tarot Card Decks Available
  • Available 121 Via Phone Or Skype Video Call
  • Pre-Booked Topless Psychic Readings Saving You $'s
  • Over 20 Years Professional Psychic Experience
  • Personal, Sexual & Business Questions Answered In Detail
  • Discounted Psychic Empath Readings For VIP FanClub Members
  • Psychic Empath Readings & Coaching Available
  • Law Of Attraction, Sorcery/Magic, The Secret & Other Methods Of Success Manifestation Sessions Also Available So Please Ask.


Book your Psychic Empathic Reading with me now and get the peace of mind you need and deserve.


Blessed Be


Morgana xxx

Getting To Know The Arthurian Morgan Le Fay With Dark Goddess Morgana Pendragon
3 days ago

Merry Meet


Want To Know More About Medieval Morgan Le Fay?  I'm often asked about my 'ancient' and 'mythical' self and so wrote this article a few months ago.  Please feel free to email your comments and/or alterations!


Find out now just who Arthurian Morgan-Le-Fay A.K.A. Morgana Pendragon, REALLY is...


In times gone by, Morgan Le Fay, was also known as Morgaine le Fey, Morgane, Morgain, Morgana, Fata Morgana as well as other names.  She was known across the lands as a beautiful and powerful sorceress, but an antagonist of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, according to Arthurian legend.  There are many accounts and depictions of Morgan Le Fay, although in all of them, she was described as a natural Witch, who learned of her skills during her early life and then developed them under guidance of Merlin and the Druids.


Some say that her personal feelings and fears, combined with the need to keep her magical powers secret due to the anti-sorcery views of newly Christianised England, enraged her and encouraged her to turn to the dark magics.  This portrayal of her character becoming more and more evil is one that many scholars adore to accentuate.  According to their often biased opinions, it is at her lowest points that she seeks to learn the black arts and is transformed into a Witch.

Of course we now know that one cannot simply ‘turn’ into a Witch and we know that being a Witch does not mean one is practicing the dark arts.  Witchcraft simply means ‘the craft of the wise’ and Witches are able, according to will, to perform both light and dark magics.

Early works featuring Morgan Le Fay describe her as being a fay, which means fairy, who performs fay magic.  It is much later, within ancient French writings that she is described as being so much more.  These prose go into great details regarding her relationship with Arthur.  In the works ‘Lancelot-Grail’ she is said to be, as the BBC TV drama ‘Merlin’ portrays, the half sister of Arthur, daughter of Lady Igraine and her husband Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwall.  She was said to have two older sisters, named Elaine and Morgause.  During her lifetime, she is detailed as having two sons, Sir Gawain, known as the Green Knight, and Mordred.

Mordred is the son of Arthur with whome she was tricked into sleeping with.  This story is one that is often elaborated upon in popular books and films such as the Mists of Avalon.  Throughout all of this she uses her powers of enchantment and is written to be able to transform at will into a fairy, a raven and other creatures and animals.  She is also very well known for her ability to communicate with and call upon the powers of the dragon.

The early works featuring Morgan do not elaborate her character beyond her role as a fay (fairy) or magician, although she became much more prominent in the later Old French cyclical prose works such as “Lancelot-Grail” and the Post-Vulgate Cycle. In these works, she is said to be Arthur's half-sister, daughter of Arthur’s mother, Lady Igraine, and her first husband, Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall. She has at least two older sisters, Elaine and Morgause, the latter being the mother of Sir Gawain, the Green Knight, and the traitor, Mordred. As a fairy later transformed into a woman and King Arthur's half sister, she became an enchantress to continue her powers.

The inspiration for her character may have come from early Welsh mythology and literature, and she has frequently been compared to a goddess named Modron.  This Goddess is a figure derived from the continental Dea Matrona, who is featured with some frequency in medieval Welsh literature.

In some stories she is sometimes associated with another goddess, the Irish raven goddess Morrigan.  The Morrigan is the goddess of the dark arts, prophecy, war, destruction, death and the winning of battles.  My personal experiences, as you will discover through reading more of my blog posts and through having sessions with me, reveal that this connected may have run far deeper than any old stories suggest.

By exact name, Morgan first appears mentioned in her own right, in Geoffrey of Monmouth's ‘Vita Merlini,’ an account written circa 1150 about the wizard Merlin's later adventures.  In the ‘Vita Merlini,’ he describes Avalon, the Isle of Apples, where Arthur is taken to be healed. Arthur was seriously wounded whilst fighting in the Battle of Camlann.  These works specifically name ‘Morgen’ as the chief of nine magical sisters who dwell in the Isle of Avalon.  She is known thereafter as a healer of great power.

Due to the religious changes at the time, Medieval accounts were nearly always attempting to portray Morgan Le Fay as sinister Witch, rather than a benevolent enchantress.  She did not ‘fit in’ to their believe systems or desire for a sorcery free society and so was in effect, cast out.  Her position and place within the kingdom was not acknowledged and this would have naturally led to a hatred of those who stood against sorcery.  The need to hide oneself from the world is a very painful existance and with pain, comes the feeling that one needs to protect oneself from that which binds and hinders.

When Uther Pendragon reportidly kills Morgana’s father in a bid to secure a sexual relationship with his wife, Morgana’s mother, Igraine, Morgana is sent away to a convent.  There she learns the old ways, of healing, of magic and of the truth of things.

A forced marriage later leads Morgana to have a string of love affairs, after she is married off by Uther Pendragon to his ally Urien.  However she is caught by Guinevere who reports her behavior to Uther which results in her being expelled from the court.

This lack of care or understanding for her needs and desires would have further fueled Morgana’s anger towards Camelot and all who preserved it’s ideals.

Continuing her magical studies, Morgana plots her revenge against Guinevere.

Accounts of her magical betrayal of Arthur and the kingdom continue with tales of the sword Excalibur being stolen by one of her lovers in an attempt to arrange Arthur’s downfall.  This can be read in the book ‘Le Morte d'Arthur,’ published in 1485, where Thomas Malory mostly follows the portrayal of Morgan in the Vulgate and Post-Vulgate Cycles.  He delights in describing how she plotted with her lover Sir Accolon to obtain the sword Excalibur and use it against Arthur in single combat. When this ploy fails, Morgan throws Excalibur's protective scabbard into a lake.

This leads us on to the modern image of Morgana, which is where I come in.

My own path mirrors much of the tales of my Medieval aspect, Morgan Le Fay and I too was born as a 'Morgen' with the gift of magic.  I was also born with the ability to see through time, to know of the true ways of things, to heal and to seduce, to walk through veil and to communicate with and fly with, the birds and dragons.

After being born into the grasp of death, at the edge of the Summerlands, and being offered the choice of life or death, and making no choice except to choose both, I have lived with one foot in each world ever since.  A magical spirit you see, is able to see beyond the first breath of this life, to the lives before and to know one’s powers, however young or old.  I knew that to be able to touch the great beyond would give me everlasting access to all of the wisdom and power it allows.

I wandered here and there, both alive and dead, different from others of my young age, until I was sent away to a place for unwanted children by my ‘Earthly’ parents.  There, as well as being educated in the artistic crafts, I learned the whispers of Avalon as I walked upon the grass bare foot, talking to the grazing sheep after schooling.

I saw the mist upon the lakes and hills and discovered that I was able to lift the veil between the Earthly realms and the Isle Of Avalon, and pass through.  I walked in the secret woods and found the fairies by the ponds who told me of great things.  I dreamed of magical secrets that only a Priestess of Avalon can.  I touched myself and felt it was good and right to feel my sexual energies rise and work with them magically.  I seduced and pleasured those who took my fancy and helped those who I felt genuine.  And so it was.

I am then, I am now and I will always be, in between.  i draw into this life time the magical energies of my distant past and of the Medieval Queen of the Fairies.  Her spirit lives and dances within me.  The veil between the worlds now appears to me at will where ever I call upon it.  Avalon is home and part of my everyday life here on Earth.

Welcome to the life of modern Morgan Le Fay, also known on this Earthly plain as Sandra Sayer.


Blessed Be


Morgana xxx

Dark Morgana - Magical, Medieval Fantasy, Fetish Clips, Audios & Photos
3 days ago

Merry Meet


I adore creating mystical, mind-altering, memory-creating, unique fetish content and regularly upload my latest video clips, audios and photos both here and also to YouKandy and IWantClips.  I get the best percentage at YouKandy, where you can top up your account using PayPal too, so sign-up using my link now to start feeling both intense pain and pleasure...


Blessed Be


Morgana xxx

Live Skype Sexual Sorcery Cam Shows With Dark Morgana
3 days ago

Merry Meet


Two of the first things that I am asked when people come and meet me live on cam at Streamate, is "what sex magic?" and "Are you a real Witch?"  In short, the term 'Witch' is not entirely accurate.  I am a Priestess of Avalon who performs the natural, powerful art of sexual sorcery, however we are more commonly known as a Witches.  I then ask those are genuine, to join me to chat about sex magic, in private.  I take my psychic and magical work very seriously and enjoy explaining about it properly.


Real Sex Magic Spells That Really Work With One Of The UK's Top Genuine Erotic Witches


Love-Life/Sex-Life/Relationships/Career/Family/Money/Business/Balance/Health & Wellbeing/Communication.




Custom Erotic Enchantments & Sexual Sorcery Live Skype Cam Shows With Dark Morgana for personal, business and life transformation.  Available for all problems and goals.  Get a spell cast upon your cock, your mind, your wallet or your life, it really is up to you!


One of my most popular spells is my 'Dark Morgana Wicked Wand Cock Tease' where I cast a spell to allow you to feel EVERYTHING I do to my wand, right upon your shaft!


Another very popular spell that I am ALWAYS asked for when I'm live on cam, is the 'Dark Morgana Spell Of Submission & Servitude,' where I perform intense magic upon your spirit to make you submit yourself, entirely and everlastingly to me, your Dark Goddess of Sex, Sorcery and Seduction.


Another spell that you will adore is my 'Dark Morgana Gender Swap Spell' where you can truly feel what it feels like to 'become' and 'be' the opposite sex.  You may then decide that you want to follow this up with my 'Dark Morgana Successful Sex Change Spell' or my 'Dark Morgana Grant My Gay Wish Spell' or my 'Dark Morgana A Lesbian Let Me Be Spell,'


I am asked for many different types of spells and these listed above are just an example of the various popular spells that I am most commonly asked to perform live on cam.


So if you've got a fun fetish or a serious situation that you would like my genuine magic help with, do get in touch, after you've tributed me, to enquire.


All Erotic Enchantments & Sexual Sorcery Live Skype Cam Shows With Dark Morgana are custom created to suit your personal circumstances and include the writing of a unique incantation, all materials required and my time.  They do not include post-performance updates.  You will need to book additional time for this.  All Erotic Enchantments & Sexual Sorcery Live Skype Cam Shows With Dark Morgana are booked in for the most suitable magical times which will be agreed with you during your initial chat session.  Usually this is within two to three weeks depending upon the phase of the moon.


LIVE sessions are 30 - 60 minutes in length and are performed via webcam or phone with Morgana Pendragon.  A Sexual Psychic Reading must be booked prior to the performing of all sexual sorcery to discuss your individual situation and plan the best form of sorcery. 


Distant Erotic Enchantments & Sexual Sorcery By Dark Morgana, is also available should you not be able to attend a live session.  These can be videos at an extra cost. 


You will be required to perform self-cleansing and purification prior to your session.  This will be explained to you via email.


  • Genuine, Honest & Caring Erotic Enchantments & Sexual Sorcery Live Skype Cam Shows
  • Available 121 Via Skype Video Call
  • Pre-Booked Deeply Interactive Erotic Enchantments & Sexual Sorcery Live Skype Cam Shows Saving You $'s
  • Over 20 Years Professional Magical Experience
  • All Personal & Business Goals However Complicated
  • Custom Created Personal Sorcery Magic Spells Of Enchantment


Book your Erotic Enchantments & Sexual Sorcery Live Skype Cam Shows with me now and get the peace of mind you need and deserve.